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How to Access your Email Account from DirectAdmin?

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  • 2020/02/21 3:43 PM

You can access your email account from DirectAdmin using two methods. However, you can only access your default DirectAdmin email account by using Method 2, described below.
Method 1: (Automatic login)

1. Log in to your DirectAdmin Account.

2. In the E-mail Manager section, click on the E-mail Accounts Icon or type E-mail Accounts in the navigation filter box, and the option will appear. Click on it.


3. Under Account, you can see your email address along with the Plus icon on the right-hand side.


4. Click on the Plus icon and then on Sign In to Webmail option.


5. Your browser may prompt you to allow a Popup Window. Confirm it, and you will be redirected to your email Webmail. No login details will be required.
Method 2: (Username/Password is required)

1. Log in to your DirectAdmin Account.

2. In the Extra Features section, click on your preferred webmail such as Squirrelmail or the Roundcube Icon or type Webmail in the navigation filter box. The option will appear. Click on it.


3. Enter your email address in the username field and then your password.


4. Click on the Login button.

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