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How to create email signature via Webmail?

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How to create email signature via Webmail?

If you want to create an email signature, which will be automatically added at the end of the letter, you can do it by logging to your "Webmail" account.

If you use "Roundcube":

1. In the left side menu choose Settings icon.
a964dbd659553ecc8da24ebdea702332bb2ae89d?t=99578c798a85c10aa139ed6717c08a38 2. In the Settings tab, click Identities.
4ac227629a46671deb4400b5fbd8738200c1c4c7?t=bf81bcc0b6f1a1edbf144826316d86e6 3. Select your email account or Create new.

4. In the Signature field, enter the signature details to appear at the end of all outgoing email messages.
ee92e50227f69478d7315c1c9a5c7168a485fd58?t=ce9666128903d72eadf401dc0edc309b 5. Click Save.

If you use "Horde":

1. At the top menu, click the Settings icon and then go to Preferences -> Mail.
8a56d37a0ec6bc06c04d36cccf5b12131e1673f4?t=a2f8d6f4837fb522109fe620b1ee4785 2. Then click on "Personal Information".
bfb45ea4fbca757b64e5fb62d8235f96bd2eb0dc?t=ee780e2271f1b15c7531f70a1e85bf7e 3. In the "Your signature" text box insert your email signature, which you could see at the end of all outgoing email messages.
50c7501c06bef22ab4394b7cb8ffdb4b2ff7b63d?t=12266bb75574a5aa517c7ce66f157775 4. Once all these steps are complete, click Save.

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