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How to increase the upload file size limit via cPanel?

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How to increase the upload file size limit via cPanel?
If "The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini"  error on WordPress site occurs when you try to upload a file, it means, that you need to increase the value of the upload_max_filesize directive in your php. You can do this by following this tutorial.

1. First, log in to your cPanel account.

2. In the "SOFTWARE" section click on "Select PHP version".
3. In the new window click on "Options" link.
4. Here you can locate the upload_max_filesize function and set the value from the dropdown menu (the maximum value that you can set is 1G).
c736f3b2eb318b60a9ec39298d651d7d39d80645?t=3eb7056094dc81cc4599c69dec7b8cae5. If the change was successful, you will see a green box with a message which will confirm that the change has been applied.

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