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How to Install WordPress Using Softaculous?

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Now let’s begin with the actual installation procedure and let me guide you through a step-by-step procedure to install WordPress Using Softaculous Auto Installer Script within from your cPanel.

Step 1 - Login to cPanel:

Simply log-in to your web hosting account and then to your cPanel dashboard (Alternatively you can login to cPanel using the direct list provided by web hosts). Then scroll down to the section named "SOFTWARE", or in many cases, there would be a separate section named as “Softaculous Apps Installer”. Clicking the icon under “software” would take you to our Step 2, and clicking the WordPress the under “Softaculous Apps Installer” would skip the Sep 2 and go directly to Step 3.

92a1efa466651bb22a00254730408c59d0c0c5bd?t=5f23fd867fe25419f2eb3fbd8f63b636 Step 2 - Find Softaculous in Software Section:

If you have pressed the Softaculous icon under the “SOFTWARE” section, then it will take you to the next window, showing you a list of application which you can install using Softaculous. Just hover on to the WordPress icon and click “Overview”. That will take you to the Step 3.

81ee70a01466e4a20859671cbedf98c47a6eae95?t=2ce49f72ff09fc98f6c694340b276633 Step 3 - Click on Install Button:

Now you have come to the Overview section of installing WordPress using Softaculous. Here you need to click on “Install” to proceed with the installation.

0cf2d72f45c949780ea6a8184359404c151794f9?t=638ba96ea2c62566974cec02e23bd6d0 Step 4 - Select Preferred URL Pattern & Domain Name:

Softaculous will now ask you the URL settings, and the location you want to install WordPress.
You first need to select any of the http:// or http://www. or https:// or https://www. from the drop down as the protocol. If your site does not have SSL certificate then choose any variant of "http", otherwise, if your site has a SSL certificate installed then choose any variant of "https".
After that, you need to select the domain name you want to use for your WordPress enabled site. Then you need to write the directory name where you want to install WordPress, the default would be prefilled as "wp". But most users prefer to install WordPress in their domain’s root directory like To achieve this remove anything written in the Directory field, and make it blank.

e5e87d9ed8570b4c4eafcabf6b23dfbf1c36eabc?t=b77c337b5aa6ce9b8def29fb6215df83 Step 5 - Provide Site Title and Admin Account Information:

Scroll down a bit, and you will find the site settings section. Here in this section, first you need to provide a site title and description (Tagline) for your WordPress site. At the time of installation, you can provide anything as these settings are customizable after installation from within the WordPress settings.
Following that, you need to provide an admin username, password, and email address. Softaculous usually fill in the username and password fields automatically with a non-dictionary word for username and a strong password. If you want, you can change them to something that is easy to remember for you. However, we strongly recommend to always use a strong password.
Also, enter the email address correctly in the admin email field, as that would be the email id used by WordPress to send notifications and password reset link if you anyhow forgot your password.

551cc17f2a8ffdd28c7cc2f784482fd578b44a3a?t=768f4407d76cfa313f1af509d1a68072 Step 6 - Press the Installation Button:

Scroll further and you would see a field for choosing the language, Choosing themes, and plugins. These settings are purely optional and you can click on "Install" button to start the actual Installation.

c1cb4424872ed43d1ba2f0efaf6f1bb78c86719b?t=c2ca567d7e8c0f46b809e362d96e5beb Step 7 - Wait Until Installation Completes:
Now Softaculous would start installing WordPress and would show a progress bar. This may take few minutes to complete. Don’t close the window while the installation is running, otherwise, that may affect the WordPress installation.

541eb3214f8abb67e14da2520fa9ba1bccbd0a72?t=9ff49df75746d5419a2a09a190fcf1ab Step 8 - Note the Site URL and Admin URL:
This is the last step of Installing WordPress Using Softaculous Auto Installer. It will now show a Setup completion notification, Your Website URL, and WordPress Admin URL.

e5d4bdcca9ab0ca34e898ac0fe3b14550572f566?t=8a98c2d996ca904acc79d32f9abe242b Congratulation!! You have successfully installed WordPress using Softaculous Script.

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