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How to log onto Getspace cPanel platform

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Hello, in this article you will be taught how to log onto cPanel. An administrative platform with a whole plethora of tools, which will help you manage your hosting.

To log onto cPanel, you first need to log into your Getspace Dashboard.

To do that, go onto the homepage of Getspace, then click this (marked by a red line and an arrow):

After you've signed in, you will be met by something like this. Select your WordPress/SSD hosting (marked by a red line):

After you're there, click this (marked by a red line):

055f84808cee01b9e4d833801c3b4769acfa6cf8?t=c442a217284c69078614099e32cff662 And you're in! It's really that simple!

Thank you for reading the guide and putting in effort into learning to manage your hosting!

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