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How to manually install WordPress?

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Before installing the WordPress content management system via cPanel, you should download latest (or preferred) WordPress release from the official WordPress website here.

Database and database user creation:
1. Log in to your cPanel control panel and navigate to the Databases section. Select “MySQL Database Wizard” tool.
2. Next, enter the name of your site's database and click the "Next Step" button.
3. Once the database is created, you must create a privileged database user for it. Type in Username and Password. Strong password can be generated with the “Password Generation” tool. Save password for later steps! Once done, press “Create User”.
4. In the next step, you must add privileges for the created user. WordPress CMS needs only the following privileges: ALTER, CREATE, DELETE, DROP, INDEX, INSERT, SELECT, and UPDATE. Once all needed boxes checked, press “Make Changes”.
5. At the final step, you can copy the full names of the database and user. Keep in mind, full names include username_dbname and username_dbusername.

WordPress file import:
1. Log in to your cPanel control panel and navigate to the Files section. Select “File Manager” tool
2. Locate and enter the public_html folder (You can create additional folders inside public_html directory or select another folder, which your domain is using) and press the “Upload” button.
3. Select to upload an earlier downloaded WordPress release file. Wait until the download bar turns green and close the window.
4. Reload “File manager” window and find the uploaded ZIP file. Right-click on it and select “Extract”.
Make sure your files will be extracted into public_html (or another folder accessible for domain or subdomain). Press “Extract File(s)”.

5. Enter the newly appeared folder “wordpress”.
6. Select all files and folders, press “Move” and set the destination to public_html. Click “Move File(s)”.
Delete empty “wordpress” folder and uploaded WordPress Release ZIP file.

WordPress installation:
1. In the browser enter your domain name and it will redirect you to the WordPress installation page.
2. Select preferred language and continue. When you will be prompted to enter database connection details, enter data from earlier database and database user creation steps. Then press “Submit”.
3. Run the installation.
4. Provide needed information and press “Install WordPress”.
Once WordPress installed, you can log into /wp-admin and start creating your website.

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