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How to setup remote mail server via cPanel?

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If you have decided to host your website at Getspace but leave mailboxes with another service provider, you should properly set up Email Routing. Without setting up proper mail routing emails from  website will not reach you and will remain in the Getspace system mailbox.

1. Log into your cPanel control panel and navigate to “Domains” section, click on “Zone Editor” tool.
2. Find a domain that uses remote mail server and press “Manage”.
042585ac5aebf6ff0caef4136dbb9a1a93451da6?t=bbc44b7a368c7851d8b22b97663d4806 3.  Independent of whose name servers you use, you should edit the DNS zone at cPanel to match provided by remote mail server records.
4. Once MX records point to remote Mail Service servers, on cPanel main page select “Email Routing” in “Email” section.
d8e9187e76ee8170b54cec6bdf86e7b5389cd4d5?t=2953b4af3e469cc0df8ceb6e11e7fc40 5. Select the domain name, which uses remote mail service and make sure that in “Configure Email Routing” is selected “Automatically Detect configuration” and “Remote” routing is recommended. Press “Change button”.
8f1d7ea33ca7f9bbf787c667f9137ca82d456681?t=cba635c3ae754d2c65d9845523bbb6cb Do not forget to test if forms from the website are routed properly to your remote mailbox.

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