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How to update DNS Nameservers at Getspace?

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1. First, log in to your Getspace account at, where the domain name is registered.
2. Navigate to Domains/ My Domains in the header menu.
3. In the My Domains section, select the domain whose name servers you want to change and click the three dots on the right screen side. In the pop-up menu, select Manage Nameservers.
a0b9146167edf6deb86c5de67cf5b2c03342933e?t=a3900cfefe7d5afc2b9d8f48f78877e2 4. In order to use another provider's nameservers, select Use custom nameservers and enter new records below. Do not forget to save changes by pressing Change Nameservers.
d2250412ad6806a8b212fc2d718b34b1bcc968af?t=ee73c0dab179d44f9ad640a2279d06c9 After changes were saved, it may take up to 24 hours for records to fully resolve. After changing nameservers, Getspace DNS zone stops being authoritative and DNS records become invalid.

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