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Transferring Your Domain from Wix to GetSpace

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If you have purchased a domain from Wix, you can later transfer it to GetSpace domain host. 

Important: When you transfer your domain away, your Wix site is disconnected.

To transfer your Wix domain away from Wix:

  1. Go to the Domains page.
  2. Click the Show More icon ac38f09f-0dca-459b-9133-d47d229f7f02.png next to the relevant domain and select Transfer Away from Wix.

  1. Click Transfer Domain.
  2. Click I Still Want to Transfer.
Next steps:

In accordance with ICANN rules:

  • You cannot transfer a domain within 60 days of purchase.
  • Changing your registrant contact information locks your domain from transfer for 60 days.
  • Transferring your domain locks it from being able to transfer again for 60 days.


  • To transfer a Wix domain away from Wix you must submit a special request.
  • To learn more about transferring an expired domain from WIX, click here.

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